David Pendleton

California USA


Anyone thinking of getting a Rottweiler, I’m here to tell you DKV is and has the BEST period!! Here is my 10 month old male with my 8 year old son. These two are BEST friends!! (photo at 10 mo)



Tony Palma

New Hampshire USA


My family and I had never worked with a breeder prior to contacting DKV Rottweilers. Angel took a lot of time talking to me ensuring that the puppy he had to offer would be the correct fit for our family. It would have been very easy for him to have just sold us a dog. Instead he listened to what our needs were and, luckily, the last pup from the litter was going to be a perfect fit. My wife and I have 4 boys aging 5-10 years old. We also have a lab mix and a cat. We aren't looking for an "Alpha." We were looking for a pup with a good temperament to fit into our hectic family. And, as you can see, he is just that. Django is as sweet and friendly as they come. We are very grateful that Angel and Liz provided such a wonderful pup.